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"Every domestique has his day"
Similar to the well known saying :every dog has his day
In bike racing you have domestiques, the worker bees of the peleton. They do anything to protect their team's lead rider. When I say anything I mean anything. Retrieving water and food, blocking them from wind to conserve energy, even keeping them moving while they take a pee break.

Every once in a while a domestique will get in a break-away group, or he'll sneak out for an amazing sprint finish. They put in so much work they deserve a win, at least once in their back-breaking career.

Each t-shirt is printed on a 50/25/25 American Apparel tee. This mix of polyester, cotton, and rayon means you have one of the softest most comfortable shirts on the market. And it won't shrink like a mother. We all know by now that AA make the best tees in the world and that they are made in Los Angeles, California, in a sweat shop free environment. They are then printed by hand in the FreeBird Velo workshop just 60 miles away, so all tees are 100% made in California.